OPEN HOUSE meet at Delhi Universiy in solidarity with the on going movement against the witch- hunt and ‘anti-nationals’ branding.

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Hundreds of students and teachers gathered today in an OPEN HOUSE meet at Arts Faculty, Delhi Universiy in solidarity with the on going movement against the witch- hunt and branding of JNU students as ‘anti-nationals’. They demanded the immediate  and unconditional release of JNUSU President and withdrawal of all  charges of sedition from ALL Students of JNU.

Addressing the students Prof. Manoj Jha, Spokesperson of Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) said, “ the BJP and other RSS outfits are trying to impose their own false definition of nationalism across the students community and common citizens and are criminalising the voices of dissent in and outside campuses which is a threat to the democracy of the country.”

Abha Dev Habib of Delhi University said, “ from past few days we are seeing that the BJP is running a shrill campaign branding all dissents as anti-nationals. While the media is manufacturing consent amongst the citizens , the ABVP is organising march in different colleges spreading jingoism and terror between the student community. DU like other campuses is not a saffron campus and any such move to impose saffron agenda must be resisted.”

Vishwajeet, National General Secratery of the AISF said, “ it is really shameful and disheartening that some media is using full might to establish that the JNU students are involved in anti-national activities. We will challenge this through our movement across the country in coming days.”

Sucheta De, National President of AISA said, “ the reason why the BJP and the RSS outfits stands in opposition to us is because our idea of nationalism includes equal rights for Dalits, adivasis, all kinds of minorities whether religious or sexual. This inclusive nationanlism is a threat to the RSS who want to paint everything with the same brush.”

Prashant Mukherjee of SFI said, “ it is really ironical that on one hand the BJP is talking about shooting the ones who talks about Afzal while on the other hand they are in coalition with the same in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Pratyush Nandan of Chatra JDU said, “ the reason why the government is doing this deliberately because they have failed on all grounds of what they promised.”


The open house was also addressed by Sunkanna who was among the one who was rusticated in HCU. He appealed to join the national march on 23rd February on demanding justice for Rohith Vemulla.

Released by

ALL India Students’ Association (AISA) Niraj (National Vice Presient)

All India Students’ Federation (AISF) Vishwajeet Kumar (General Secretary)

All India students’ Block (AISB) Amresh (President)

National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) Kumar Raja (Vice President)

Students’ Federation of India (SFI) Vikram Singh (General Secratry)

Student Front for Swaraj (SFS) Dr. Sant Prakash (Coordinator)

KYS  Subhash (secratary)

Chhatra JD(U) Pratyush Nandan (National President)

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