Jointly condemn the ongoing witch-hunt and branding of JNU and JNU students as ‘anti-national’.

Press Release

We , the undersigned organisations, jointly condemn the ongoing witch-hunt and branding of JNU and JNU students as ‘anti-national’.

  • We strongly condemn the divisive and reactionary slogans such as Pakistan Zindabad and Bharat ke Tukde Honge Hazar that were raised. The JNU student movement and the JNU community have in fact consistently defended the country and unity of its people against fundamentalist, majoritarian, casteist and anti-people forces.
  • These slogans cannot be used as an excuse to crackdown on JNU. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of JNUSU President Kanhaiya, and the immediate withdrawal of false charges on all JNU students.
  • It is clear that the RSS and the BJP government are hell-bent on destroying and maligning JNU, and everything that JNU stands for. JNU nurtures and cherishes a truly democratic space where ideas and policies are debated, and views are freely expressed. We will intensify our ongoing campaign against this ABVP-RSS-BJP attempt to destroy JNU.
  • The open assaults and violence unleashed by RSS-BJP on Left activists, JNU teachers and students and even media on 15 February when Kanhaiya was to be produced for a bail hearing clearly indicates that they want to spread a reign of terror against all differing voices. In JNU too, ABVP activists attacked Congress leader Anand Sharma who had addressed JNU students in solidarity with the ongoing struggle against a massive witch-hunt by the Delhi Police and the Modi government. They want to use lynch-mobs to hide facts, subvert justice, and violently crackdown on their political opponents.
  • We demand the immediate arrest of BJP MLA OP Sharma, and all others who indulged in violence and intimidation on 15 Feb at the Patiala Court premises. We demand action against the ABVP activists who assaulted Congress leader Anand Sharma.
  • The ongoing assault on JNU is part of a long process by the Modi government to destroy our best educational institutions. From FTII Pune, to IIT-Madras, HCU, EFLU, Pondicherry University and now JNU, we are seeing a pattern wherein the Modi government actively intervenes to shove the RSS-BJP agenda down the throats of these institutions. Rohith Vemula’s tragic death and the ongoing massive crisis in JNU is an indication of the horrific consequences of this RSS-BJP gameplan of interference and intimidation.
  • Students in universities across the country have been protesting against the BJP’s policies. The OccupyUGC movement spread across the country, and soon after massive outrage broke out in support of the horrific victimisation of Rohith Vemula and his friends in HCU. The Modi government is now trying to punish all those who spoke out against it. The government is willing to completely destroy campuses, campus democracy and the spirit of learning through debate and dissent.


Released by

ALL India Students’ Association (AISA) Niraj (National Vice Presient)

All India Students’ Federation (AISF) Vishwajeet Kumar (General Secretary)

All India students’ Block (AISB) Amresh (President)

National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) Kumar Raja (Vice President)

Students’ Federation of India (SFI) Vikram Singh (General Secratry)

Student Front for Swaraj (SFS) Dr. Sant Prakash (Coordinator)

KYS  Subhash (secratary)

Chhatra JD(U) Pratyush Nandan (National President)

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