In Defence of the Fundamental Rights of the Indian Citizens

“As RSS has changed the color of their trousers, we must be more careful of their changing color of vicious ideas-  from “Shut down JNU” to “pseudo nationalism” debate.  RSS- BJP-ABVp is trying to divide the whole nation on their false agenda of pseudo nationalism , which has become a license for open exploitation, castes, communalism and corruption. With this false debate BJP government has very cleverly tried to turn way the issue of justice for  Rohit Vemula  and accountability of institutions, enactment of Rohit Act, students demands for non NET fellowship,  1 lakh 40 thousand crore bail out of corporate debt, more than 700% increase in the rate of life saving drugs, providing a safe escape to Vijay Mallay to stay  in London and enjoy a lavish life on the 9000 crores of poor farmers, and middle class tax payers.

AISF is principally against the capital punishment,  we do not endorse the ideology and  politics of Afzal Guru, though we are against the capital punishment of him. A study by the National Law, University students indicating that 94 percent of those awarded death sentences for terror-related cases belong to the Dalit caste or religious minorities. AISF believe that the commission of a crime by somebody does not contract the scope to reform him or her; rather an approach to address the hidden faculties for realizing human worth is now the accepted proposition in criminal jurisprudence and this is true for all human beings, including those who have been convicted for heinous crimes. At the same time AISF condemns all types of terrorism in strongest possible words, from RSS to ISIS, whether it is done by State or separatist in Kashmir, by state machinery in tribal areas or  by Maoist. We are against the AFSPA in principle and demand robustly to repeal it from all the states without any excuse.

AISF demands to drop all sedition charges against Com. Kanahiya , Com.Umar and Com. Anirbaan and from all those who have been victims of this draconian law.  We also demand to  scrap the sedition law from Indian Penal code 1860. In the recent times, section 124(A) has been brought under wider misuse and applied to individuals and organizations, despite the existence of special laws merely for democratic expression of ‘dissatisfaction towards the Government’, as specified under the section. It is the question of defending the Fundamental Rights of the Indian citizens. If the law  continues to have this clause, the Government fails to uphold the Constitutional provisions. This Clause is used as a weapon against people who fight against the Government’s policies.

AISF appeals all the left, progressive and democratic voices to unite to fight back the fascist government, which is trying to curb our right to write against the government and speak against the government. AISF believes that it is a high time to shed all the sectarian interests and words or name of persons and warns that if at this time of crisis our unity will break for any reason, in future,  history will never forgive us. In this dark time we have to behave more responsibly and with more political maturity, when the student movement of an entire country is watching towards us to make a revolutionary path.

AISF supports JNUSU resolution completely and appeal all the student and organization to rally behind the JNUSU in this fight for drop all the sedition charges of JNU students, removal of the JNU Registrar for  acting as RSS-BJP agent and change in the composition of  high level inquiry committee and make it more inclusive with proper representation of dalit faculty.


– Aparajita Raja (President, AISF-JNU), Rahila Parween (Vice-President, AISF-JNU)

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