The All India Students’ Federation (AISF) is the first students organisation on India level. It was founded by students on 12-13 August 1936 with the slogan of Peace!  Progress!! and Freedom!!!,  with the guidance of freedom fighters and revolutionaries of that time. That time, AISF worked for the  independence of India.  After Independence organisation gives the slogan of Peace! Progress!! and Scientific socialism!!!. It started movement for equal education, rights, justice and opportunity to all.  The organisation has state committees in most of states in India.
The students in India have been in the front ranks of those who fought for the freedom of this country. Inspired by the call of nation to rise against British imperialism and liberate the country from the colonial yoke, the students plunged headlong into the freedom struggle. In the heroic battles for independence glorious chapters were written the young blood of student martyrs. And in the furnace of this anti-colonial struggle was born the All India Students Federation at Lucknow in August 1936.
The Indian students did not see their struggle for independence in isolation from the worldwide struggle against imperialism and colonialism. Even in its formative stages the AISF was part of the entire strength was behind the mighty war of the patriotic forces, with the Soviet Union in its lead, against, the demon of fascism. After the defeat of fascism, the AISF joined other anti-fascist student and youth organisations all over the world in founding the International Union of Students and the World Federation of Democratic Youth to carry forward the struggle against imperialism, for a better life for the young people.