Equal and scientific education is our right we must fight for it!

We know that education is the basis of the development of humans and society. Humans have made history on the basis of education. Struggles with nature, struggles for the emancipation from slavery, and   struggles for social and political progress- all these struggles have educated humans and education has made them fructify. Our independence and making of our Constitution are but the results of such struggles. It was believed that on achieving independence everyone would enjoy equality of opportunity for education, decent employment and living with dignity as well as social and economic gender equality and life without fear, disease, and exploitation. But alas, even after sixty seven years after independence the realization of this dream eludes us.
Inhuman oppression, violence and exploitation on the basis of caste, religion and gender run riot in our society. Want of scientific temper, reactionary conservatism, sectarianism, and bigotry prevail all around us. It is these aspects of our social reality that have led to the installation of clearly reactionary and fascistic government in the country for the first time. This government poses grave threat to the democratic fabric and progress of Indian people. All this conduces to the survival of capitalism in crisis at the cost of genuine progress of the people. But history is witness to the fact all attempts to roll back progress or to maintain status quo are doomed to fail.

Let us remember, education is the medium of change and progress. Ruling classes that have vested interests in conservatism and reaction understand this. Accordingly even after independence they did not allow education to reach the people and what is being imparted in the name of education is incoherently multifarious rote-learning based unscientific education. It is but playing with the intentions of the Constitution and desires of the people. If such anti-people constitution-subverting actions could be taken by the government that claimed to be welfare-oriented democratic, socialist and Gandhian, it can well be imagined what anti-education in the name of education a patently communal and fascistic government can promote. It already writ large in the recent moves of the government  in academic institutions and statements of the minister of human resource development.

All this makes it imperative that we develop break the shackles of communal, casteist, patriarchic, anti-disabled persons, and discriminatory irrationality for meeting the social, economic and cultural needs of the people and develop scientific critical consciousness for social change and launch militant mass movements for free identical education for all without discrimination in order to create a democratic, socialist, secular and critically conscious society and polity.

  1. Stop commercialization and privatization of education.
  2. Free education from  irrationalism and communalism.
  3. Ensure free and identical education to all from pre-schooling to potsgraduation.
  4. Stop privatizing people’s property through FDI.
  5. Rectify public institutions of maladies that have crept into them and nationalize private institutions.



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  1. H Jones says:

    Comrade Kanhaiya of JNUSU has been released – let us have a celebration at 2:30 pm today
    by songs – Harsh ullas se utsav manayein aaj hum sab!

    Lets invite him to Univ of Mass and Jadavpur Univ

    “Haathi Ghora Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki” , gaana.com/song/haathi-ghoda-palki-1





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