AISF TamilNadu marched to State Assembly against closing of Govt. Schools

Tamilnadu assembly march

Tamilnadu assembly march

22nd June, 2018 in Chennai, AISF Tamil Nadu state council did a massive assembly march. With full decoration and slogans thousands of students marched for assembly. Before the assembly house police stopped the march and by force arrested about 250 comrades. Com. Vishwajeet Kumar AISF general secretary, Com. Dinesh Seerangaraj AISF Tamilnadu state secretary, Com. Balamurgan AIYF state secretary, Com. Guna shekhar, Com. Com. Arulrajan dulrai, Com. Purnima, Com. Dipika were also arrested among other comrades.
In camp jail AISF comrades continued their practice of study & struggle and did discussion & cultural program there inside the jail. They discussed about politics of education and importance of students movement. At evening 7 o’clock they all released from that camp jail.

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1) Don’t shut down Government schools

2) legislate and implement act similar to Kerala Govt education loan GO

3) complete exemption of Tamilnadu from Neet exam

4)Annul GO 51, 52 and bring back GO 92 For st/SC students

5) Implement First graduate support to Arts and science college students as well

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